Road 185, Saint-Louis du HaHa - Cabano – Sintra

The Department of Transportation mandated BML Riviere-du-Loup, a division of Sintra, to reconfigure autoroute 85, a four lane highway. This included earthwork, road structure, drainage, demolition, aqueducts, domestic sewer, rebuilding bridges and culverts, installing roadway lighting, oversized destination signs and public services in the towns of Saint-Louis-du-Ha-Ha and Cabano, located in the Temiscouata county.

This project is the largest to date ever realized by a Sintra regional office; in fact, it has lasted for over 2 years and is estimated to cost approximately $57 million.

The project began in June of 2009 and is expected to be complete in October, 2011, spanning over 28 months.

Quantities of materials / types of materials used

  • Excavation 1st class : 182,000 cubic meters
  • Excavation 2nd class : 1,430,000 cubic meters
  • Gravel MG 112 : 700,000 metric tonnes
  • Crushed Material MG-56 : 268,000 metric tonnes
  • Crushed Materials MG-20 : 116,000 metric tonnes
  • Hot mix Asphalt : 5000 metric tones

This project is being completed as a joint effort of Sintra companies, BML Riviere-du-Loup, BML Québec-Beauce for road construction and Lignco for the paintings. Over 120 employees are working on this project everyday and includes; 60 BML employees, 20 sub-contractors and 40 truck drivers.

A project of this magnitude has not come without its challenges. Working closely with the client, major planning and coordination of people and resources has had to occur. One major challenge of this project occurred with the excavation of 1.7 million cubic meters in a very short schedule and had to occur in phases. But the biggest challenge overall is the overall scope and complexity of the project, a challenge that Sintra is very willing to accomplish through the experience and motivation of all workers involved along with the utilization of very modern technology and equipment.

This represents a wonderful opportunity for the future of the region because the connecting highway from Riviere-du-Loup to the Province of New-Brunswick will create new projects in construction for the next 10 years and be great challenges for our people in the region.

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