Our Student Partnering Program

The Student Partnering Program assists post secondary students with the cost of tuition and books while providing summer work opportunities in their field of study. A mentor is also assigned to provide guidance and advice to the student.

"The beauty of the Partnership Program for me was the fact that not only was I supported financially, but Wapiti Gravel Suppliers gave me great summer employment where I learned almost as much as in the classroom! Now thanks to that experience along with my degree, I am now an Area Manager for G&C Asphalt, enjoying my day to day work with all the challenges and opportunities that come with it."

- Ryan Moe, Student Partnering Program Graduate, Area Manager, G&C Asphalt



What is the Student Partnership Program ?

  • A program designed to recruit high quality committed Individuals
  • A program designed to assist students
  • A program that provides a loan for each year of full-time study
  • Interest on the loan will be forgiven if the student accepts full-time employment
  • Upon successful completion of studies the principal of the loan will be forgiven if the student accepts and continues full-time employment


To learn more, please read our brochure : Student Partnering Program



THE Stagiaire


Each year, the Colas Group welcomes 2 000 Company internships worldwide. A lot of those students come from our top engineering and business schools. This is a pool of essential skills we need to develop and retain.

In order to make Colas ''the preference and the reference employer'' on the market, Colas France has successfully initiated a new inter-school challenge in 2012: ''THE stagiaire'' (''THE intern'').

The concept is simple: all our interns worldwide are to compete by making a short video illustrating their internship experience with Colas.


 To learn more about THE Stagiaire, please visit the website: