Scholarships through

Each year, Colas Canada offers two $ 2,500 scholarships to two Canadian students through the foundation of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).
Colas Canada is providing this financial support to students starting their final year of college education in the field of transportation or related disciplines.
Full details of the eligibility criteria can be found on the TAC website.


Our Student Partnering Program

The Student Partnering Program assists post secondary students with the cost of tuition and books while providing summer work opportunities in their field of study. A mentor is also assigned to provide guidance and advice to the student.

"The beauty of the Partnership Program for me was the fact that not only was I supported financially, but Wapiti Gravel Suppliers gave me great summer employment where I learned almost as much as in the classroom! Now thanks to that experience along with my degree, I am now an Area Manager for G&C Asphalt, enjoying my day to day work with all the challenges and opportunities that come with it."

- Ryan Moe, Student Partnering Program Graduate, Area Manager, G&C Asphalt


What is the Student Partnership Program ?

  • A program designed to recruit high quality committed Individuals
  • A program designed to assist students
  • A program that provides a loan for each year of full-time study
  • Interest on the loan will be forgiven if the student accepts full-time employment
  • Upon successful completion of studies the principal of the loan will be forgiven if the student accepts and continues full-time employment


To learn more, please read our brochure : Student Partnering Program




From 2008 to 2013, Allan Kindrat spent every summer working for Terus Construction, a Colas Canada subsidiary based in British Columbia, as part of the Student Partner Program initiative. Through the program, companies offer financial support to motivated students and provide them with in-house training. Once these young professionals have completed their studies, they are offered the chance to join the company that trained them. Graduating as a civil engineer in December 2013, Allan joined the Canadian subsidiary as a Junior Lab Technician. He is currently a project manager in Prince Rupert, a small port town in the province. “My job involves a variety of different things: I deal with budgets for future projects, organize safety meetings, liaise with subcontractors, keep an eye on costs, etc. It’s a rewarding, gratifying and stimulating job and I love it. I work with different people and enjoy learning alongside them.” A well-informed globe-trotter, Allan loves to travel. In the future he hopes he will get the opportunity to discover new horizons through the Group. “I’m extremely grateful for the support Terus Construction has given me, and I hope that one day Colas will be proud of the work I’ve accomplished”, he concludes.