Our Human Resources Commitments

Based on strong values, the aim of Colas Canada’s Human Resources policy is to ensure the Group’s profitable and balanced development by fostering, mobilizing and retaining talents and allowing them to flourish as part of our teams. Our efforts are concentrated on providing human resource services such as employee and labour relations, recruitment, training, internal promotion and mobility, risk prevention and managing our teams.

Our commitments in the following five areas contribute to making Colas Canada a benchmark in its sectors:

  • An ambitious recruitment policy founded on diversity: we seek to attract and hire the very best, looking at the requirements of the future, rejecting discrimination of any kind and embracing diversity within the Group.
  •  A sustained training program: our training policy aims to pass on the Group’s know-how and culture, and tailor skills to meet new challenges.
  • Improved internal promotion and job mobility: we do all we can to encourage upward social mobility, planning ahead and satisfying people’s aspirations for geographical and job mobility.
  • Increasingly effective risk prevention: we are energetically and imaginatively committed to protecting the lives and the health of our employees.
  • Team management based on respect and trust: we train our site supervisors in management.